Who Doesn't Love Lazy Mornings?

Who doesn't love a nice chilled morning?

No frantic school runs for us, the kids full of colds (again!), the rain trickling outside and after a busy week today is going to be a nice quiet day.

So what better way to start it than a yummy toast breakfast sat in front of a live Crufts feed?
We're thoroughly enjoying watching the agility heats, the kids are seeing how it should be done at a highly competitive level and I'm trying to (unsuccessfully) get Bow to watch and learn - soak it up pup,soak it up...

As you can see the toast is far more interesting than the agility dogs...

Our recipe for days like these goes a little something like this:

  • Long pick 'n' mix breakfast
  • Film cosied up in the lounge under throws, possibly with popcorn
  • Baking (anything)
  • Tonnes of Lego building
  • Copious amounts of book reading

This is how Bow 'chills' in front of a film...

You've got to love days like these right?!


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