Illuminasia - Bright Lights Fantasy Lands

We recently found ourselves bored on yet another rainy day and so headed out to an exhibition we'd spotted on at the Winter Gardens in Blackpool called Illuminasia.

Huge Chinese lanterns transformed the vast space into dazzling scenes spread out over themed rooms, including a nod to 'Honey I Shrunk The Kid' (remember that film?), a Chinese garden, an underwater world and a wonders of the world collection.

Miss L and JJ loved running from room to room and spotting the large gold coins we had to find for the special coin trail (you get a prize at the end if you spot them all) and I enjoyed the scratch card quiz for which I earned myself a certificate! (A proud moment!).

Stairway to another world
It's the perfect rainy day activity, the kids can have a good explore, burn some energy and it's interesting enough for us adults.

The bonus? It's not another bloody soft play area that's simultaneously guaranteed to give energy busting peace for an hour as well as a dose of some viral disease! Sorry I have a love hate relationship with soft play, phew glad that's out in the open.

Knowing that a small team have travelled to create these masterpieces including hand making the fabric covers and hand painting the effects makes you really appreciate the effort that has gone into the creation of this exhibition, and although that notion is wasted on the kids it made me want to just sit and absorb the atmosphere for a bit longer.

Surreal giant's garden complete with dog, bird and insects!

They were in the middle of putting up a dinosaur room when we visited so it's a great reason to head back there on an, inevitably, crap day (probably somewhere around August time).
It's also a great starting point to get the kids asking questions around arts, environments and culture, if they stand still long enough that is.....


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