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Venturing Down The Path Less Travelled

  Already on our path less travelled I have always been a rule follower but at the same time I have a rebel spirit and always like to choose the path less travelled (well, as long as it's legal). My flighty nature helps and I'm curious about the world but, maybe a little embarrassingly, only in a shallow way. I like quick, succinct bite size chunks of information and then I like to move on to the next interesting thing. I think 'discovering' is my passion. I constantly like to sniff out new things; food, places, TV shows, music, stuff... you get the idea. So what is the point of this post?  Just to say, do it ! Go for the path less travelled; it's interesting, will often throw up lots of things you'd never thought of before (not always great things by the way but different things all the same). It will challenge you in a way you didn't think of and so for that reason means you can only grow and become stronger as a person, and also will ensure th

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