An Unexpected Benefit of HE

I've been attending a beginners agility class with my dog Bow for a few weeks now which we've been thoroughly enjoying (despite it starting at a motivation sapping 7:45pm, a time usually reserved for pj's, wine, TV and peace!)

After relaying the evening's classes to L each morning over breakfast it seemed to capture her interest and she started asking to go with me.

Not totally sure whether it was a genuine interest or just the lure of a late night we spent ages debating the lateness and pondering the consequences of her not getting to bed till gone 9 before eventually deciding, in the spirit of home ed, that we're lucky to have the flexibility (and lie ins if need be) so why not?

So far so good I'm happy to say. She loves helping put the poles on the jumps, giving Bow a yummy cheese reward when he jumps and she's seeing how much time and effort we have to put in to improve which I hope can only be a good thing.  Best of all she's seeing me stick at something and get better (sadly not one of my strong points).

It's little moments like these that I'm so glad we've taken the home ed route, it just wouldn't be practical if she was in school. Instead I get to share my interests which is actually pretty awesome. I've also found an added bonus; her eagerness is great for my motivation. When the sofa's calling at the end of a busy day her moaning that we need to go to agility makes me get my act together and actually turn up, it's a win win!!   


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