Just a Bit of A Change - Home Ed, Travel and Other Additions

So a little bit shocking but it's been a long while (*sigh* ok I admit it a year) since I last posted an entry here, and with the arrival of Spring that is all about to change.

There have been lots of musings in our household throughout 2016 and a huge desire to make things happen.
Fed up of being a part of a system we still don't fully understand or even know if we like we are making changes to any parts of our lives that we can easily control (depressingly few when you take into account commitments; financial and otherwise.)
Then I figured why not write about it here? Worst case scenario we can use it to reflect on our decisions, best case it actually helps someone else!

So in a nutshell here is the roadmap for the year....

1) Home educating our two children, allowing them to love learning whilst giving us the freedom and flexibility to....

2) Travel. We want to see the world, how do other people live, what are other places like, the cuisine, the sights, the experiences and most importantly for me; being bloody warm!

3) Including our little fluffs. Allow me to introduce Bella and Bow (if you read earlier entries there are more detailed introductions to these two bundles of trouble but for speed here's a mini bio)

Bella (left) is nearly 2, she's a Yorkie, mini Poodle cross. She's had luxating patellas and a short lived dabble in agility but until her left knee is operated on is having a break from the dazzling world of jumps. She loves nothing more than a cuddle, but is most happiest pissing every visitor to our home off by leaving her toy in front of them and whining/grizzling/yipping incessantly for them to throw the damn thing.

Bow (right) is nearly 18 months, he's a Chuihuahua, mini Poodle cross. He's currently starting out in the world of agility and has nearly completed his 10 week beginners course. He loves to chew, eat rancid things and would happily be cuddled 24/7; so much so that the slings for dogs no longer get ridiculed in our house and have actally been added to an Amazon wish list in an insane 'seriously the dog would love this' moment!

I think that's a great place to start and a good place to leave this intro post, so here's to adventures and excitement, cos 2017 better be filled with lots of them.


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