Crufts Day 4

So sadly today marks the final of Crufts until next year. I suppose I will have to be content watching the dog next door for now until another canine programme starts on the TV!

The final day began with some more stunning group winners:

Terrier Group - Norwich Terrier called Ragus Merry Gentleman from North Yorkshire.
Hound Group - Borzoi called Ch RothesbySholwood Snow Hawk from Newark.

Then the day raced along with a fantastic heelwork to music routine by Mary Ray (I was a little star struck, I'd love to win a day's session in training with her) and Jennifer Saunders presented the award for Friends for Life which went to Buster the RAF dog.  A very worthy title I think, I do admire all the service dogs and the jobs they do, although being a blog dog and product tester does have its trials (!) it's a cushy job compared to my fellow canines risking paw and tail to protect the country and they deserve a lot of respect.

Finally the glitzy ceremony ends with the ultimate prize, Best in Show, and what a title to take away. After seeing all those trimmed and obedient dogs it must be such a difficult decision to make but there had to be a winner and it went to the very lucky Lhasa Apso, Elizabeth.

Photo courtesy of onEdition shows Margaret Anderson from Coventry with her Lhasa Apso called Elizabeth, after winning Best in Show 11.03.12, the final day of Crufts 2012.
So to all the wonderful competitors and winners I raise my paw to you and an extra big tail wag to the very pretty Elizabeth. Congratulations and I hope you will get spoilt with plenty of chewy bones and toys for your win!

I've very much enjoyed the Crufts experience this year and if you didn't manage to get there Mum would definitely recommend it, it's great watching it on TV but it never quites beat being there yourself. Maybe next year she can smuggle me there in her oversized handbag. Either that or I better start working on my obedience skills now, if only I could maintain concentration for more than 5 minutes at a time.......


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