Crufts 2012 Day 2

Ahh I'm in heaven, I've spent the evening watching lots of very pretty and talented dogs on TV whilst I lounge on the sofa. Occasionally I growl a little and sometimes I even manage to force myself to leap off the sofa and get nose to nose with the dog on TV and give them a good growl up close. It's a perfect evening for me!

Day 2 of Crufts was great viewing I particularly enjoyed the flyball and agility, some of the competitors were practically flying. I was sat on the edge of the seat as each dog seemed to get faster than the last, although I'm sure I would outrun them all if I was in the competition, but I'd be smart and miss most of them daft obstacles out they just slow you down! Mum thinks I miss the point of agility but logically why go over jumps when you can just run huge laps around the arena and bark a lot? Actually, maybe that's why we don't do agility anymore....

So what did Day 2 bring? The focus was on the Gundog group and the eventual winner of the day was a perky Irish Water Spaniel called Sh Ch / Am Ch Whistlestop's Elements of Magic from Carlisle. I really loved the hairdo of this breed, I just wish I could grow mine that long.

Image courtesy of onEdition - Picture shows judith Caruthers from Carlisle with her Irish Water Spaniel called Merlin, who won Best of Breed in the Gundog group today 09.03.12, the second day of Crufts 2012, at the Birmingham NEC.
There was an interesting piece on how to buy a puppy and avoid puppy farms, some of the images got me quaking on my very comfy sofa at the thought of those poor pups living in conditions like that. I didn't have the best start to life (although not from a puppy farm but still not a good beginning) so I can sympathise with these poor dogs and it really is down to you humans to make sure you're not encouraging these terrible breeders by getting a puppy through a reliable source.

I really enjoyed watching the Cani-Cross race and took quite a shine to the winner Africa, I wonder if Mum would fancy a go at running, if not maybe I can persuade Dad instead......

Finally there was another disappointment when the Clumber Spaniel group winner failed the Vet check, it's a real shame, but I'm all for fit and healthy dogs being in the spotlight and it's something the KC is taking very seriously. I do wonder what they would make of me in a breed check, that may be an idea for another project?

So Mum's off to see the action for herself tomorrow, I really wish I could go too, although small dogs I find quite noisy and big ones scare me so I'd probably be pulling to get back home to the sofa and TV after half an hour in there. After the long drive down I probably wouldn't be the most popular pooch in the household! Hopefully she'll bring back lots of photos and smells for me to evaluate from the comfort of my own bed instead.


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