Crufts 2012 Has Begun

It's all go and Crufts is now open! I did intend on this post being a little earlier but a huge washing machine saga got me all delayed (before you ask I neither broke nor fixed the washing machine but Dexter and I did prove to be great spectators, and I do believe it helped get it fixed much quicker!)

So what did the first day hold? Well unfortunately as I was watching the water flow through the kitchen from the washing machine I didn't get to glue myself to the TV as often as I wanted, I tell you it was quite a dilemma as I love to paddle my paws in water but on the other paw it's Crufts!! Needless to say I managed to multi task as only a purebred (ahem no sniggering) Collie knows how and got the best of both worlds.

So here's a quick summary of the winners of the day:

Utility Group - Ch Zentarr Elizabeth a Lhasa Apso owned by Mrs M Anderson from Coventry
Toy Group - Belliver Unexpected Dream a Pomeranian owned by Mr F Nilsson and Mrs K Bertilsson from Skane in Sweden.
Kennel Gazette Junior Warrant Winner - Nikara Diamond Dancer JW a Samoyed owned by Mesdames V Freer and S A Smith.

Other notable events were Rosemary Conley promoting fitness to the visitors, the Best of Breed winners for the Bulldog and Pekingese category both failing their Vet checks and so sadly could not receive their awards or represent their breeds in the rest of the competition and shoppers getting an underwater view of the treadmill at the K9 Surf Canine Hydrotherapy stand.

Now there's something I'd love to have a go on an underwater treadmill, that and Dock dogs, I think I'd be awesome at that!

So a big tail wag for all the competitors in tomorrows Gundog group, I will make sure I tune in to see the judging as well as the heelwork to music competition and the agility displays, reminds me of when I dabbled my paw in a little bit of agility, I thought I did quite well but everyone else seemed to despair!
I'm off now for an early night so I can have some doggy dreams about winning the Best in Show...... a dog can dream!


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