Crufts Day 3

So what's the roundup news from Day 3?

Saturday saw the first ever Crufts factor final and there were some great acts, the eventual winner though was a Shiba Inu called Elee with her amazing talents including  dancing, acrobatics and bongo playing. I really loved her walking on her owner's shoes, I might try that with Mum next time we're out for a walk and my paws get tired!
Unfortunately another dog failed it's Vet checks, so the Basset Hound wasn't represented at the Best of Breed.

The final winners of the day were:
Working Dogs - Newfoundland called Ch King of Helluland Feel the Win (Brutus) all the way from Slovakia.
Pastoral Group - Old English Sheepdog called Ch Bottomshaker My Secret (Jimmy) from Hungary.
Photo courtesy of onEdition shows Sonia Krorkvei from Slovakia with her Newfoundland called Brutus, who won vBest of Group in the Working Group on the 10.03.12 at Crufts 2012.

Photo courtesy of onEdition shows Zsholt Hano from Hungary with his Old English Sheepdog called Jimmy, who won Best of Group in the Pastoral group on the 10.03.12 at Crufts 2012.
The flyball competition was fast paced and very exciting, I still want to try my paw at that, my next mission is to get Mum on a search for a local group. I would just encourage her to use our own garden but I have a habit of churning up grass wherever I run, in fact maybe that could be my talent in next year's Crufts Factor?

The agility was great I followed that very intently and I loved the smaller dogs flying round the course, it was a little unfortunate as one pup was obviously desperate for a wee and ignoring her handler had to relieve herself on the weave section. I've been there sometimes, I get so excited at what I'm doing that I forget I was dying for the loo!

The Southern Golden Retriever display team were fabulous and very attentive, there wasn't a tail out of place. I think Mum would love to see me in a display like this but I'm not quite sure my attention span would stretch to that much concentration.....

I'm looking forward to what Day 4 brings and to see the ultimate Best in Show!!


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