Take Your Dog to Work Day - A Dog's Dream

Yep, today it's the worldwide event of Take Your Dog To Work Day! People all over the world have persuaded their managers to take part in this glorious event and what a great idea it is.

I'm a pretty lucky pooch as I'm always at work with mum no matter where she is so I get to meet a lot of people, chew on cardboard boxes, play with new toys and go for plenty of wanders. It beats being at home on my own, well, with the cats but talking about tuna all day is not my idea of fun. Plus I get so much fuss and attention and I get to play with Jess - my doggy playmate.

It's interesting how studies have shown that having your dog at work with you increases productivity and creativity and decreases absenteeism, I haven't seen the study myself but will have to have a good read up on that later. I always knew us dogs were a good influence but didn't realise quite how much!

Jess giving up on her paperwork
Me dreaming about cardboard chews
So to leave you here's a couple of piccys of Jess and myself contributing to the office work and showing just how stuck in we get when we're at the office! Happy working day fellow pooches.


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