Injured wildlife what to do?

So there I was last night doing my usual round of the garden and winding up the neighbouring dogs when I got side tracked by a small fluffy thing running through the undergrowth. Being a dog my natural instinct was to chase and catch but that was soon stopped by mum who gave me a good telling off. After sulking for a bit, I decided sulking was too boring and this new brown toy was much more interesting!

I must admit I feel really guilty now as it turns out my new toy was in fact a little bird with a broken leg, not really very sporting of me given its lack of flying ability and bad leg, but I do blame my quick reflexes and slow thinking!

Mum made a quiet spot for it in a box with some hay and then tried feeding it some cat food, luckily the cats were far too distracted by the tinned tuna to care about the flapping bird. It was quite sad really as the parents were outside calling away but in some ways lucky for the bird that I found it first and not a mean cat, I know what they do with wildlife (Dexter, my catmate, explained later on - not that he gets the chance being an indoor cat and all!)

So that, in a nutshell, is how we came to have a baby Blackbird in a cat food box in the lounge.

First thing this morning mum took beaky, (yes I named it) to the vets and paws crossed they can fix its little leg and get it back out into the wild in no time. Meanwhile I have learnt my lesson, no more chasing small furry/feathery/fluffy things as mum gets cross, I end up sulking and the cats get tinned tuna but I don't, oh and a little bird gets hurt of course!


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    1. I'm not sure I'm afraid, we left it in the hands of the vets so I know they will have done everything they could if possible, I do like to think they got it all mended and back out in the wild though!


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