Guest Post from The Kennel Club on Dog Attacks

I was very exited to get the following in my inbox from The Kennel Club themselves in response to my post on dog attacks. I'm so pleased that they have such an important campaign running and thank them very much for their reply!

Keeping kids Safe and Sound

Although we wish every dog was as laid back and lovely as you Kez, here at the Kennel Club we appreciate that sometimes accidents can happen with children and dogs. As you pawwed out, the issue has two main elements; training dogs to understand right and wrong and making sure children know how to behave around them.

Well, we couldn’t agree more, and as part of our ongoing campaign to promote responsible dog ownership we have set up two different schemes to address these exact issues.

Through our Good Citizen Dog Scheme we aim to make sure that our furry friends know what they should and shouldn’t be doing, as well as highlighting the benefits of owning a dog. There are various fantastic dog training classes – perfect for socialising less confident dogs, and also teaching Fidos of all ages how to behave, and their owners how to make sure they stay on track!

But we feel it is also really important that the kiddies themselves know how to play nicely with dogs, as you said. That is why we introduced our Safe and Sound Scheme.

The scheme is all about educating children (and parents) about the safest ways to interact with dogs. Our very own Sashi, the Safe and Sound Hound, is on hand (or should we say paw) to help little ones and parents know how to approach and interact with dogs with a useful 20 Paw Plan. The S.A.S Safety Factor Challenge online game is also a great way to get kids involved and avoid the bite marks – both in the game and real life!

It’s such a shame when dogs get a bad name, as there are so many loving and gentle ones like you. Hopefully, if dog owners are responsible and get involved with our Good Citizen Dog Scheme and training classes and parents make sure their tots know how to interact with dogs through our Safe and Sound Scheme, then these incidents will not happen and everyone can enjoy the wonderful world of dogs.

For more information on the Good Citizen Dog Scheme and training classes visit:

For more information on the Safe and Sound Scheme visit:


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