Do Animals Wonder - Of Course!

I cannot believe that it's taken so long for you humans to figure out that us animals do have more than 'pre-wired-in thoughts' in our heads. I mean, reading some books on dog psychology you'd think we are a bunch of robot dogs who only respond to treats and have instinctive, innate messages pre-programmed from birth to make us behave the way we do. Although we may not share some of the same feelings as you people do or react in ways you would consider inappropriate in your culture doesn't mean we don't have internal thoughts.

I'm sure anyone who shares their home with a furry friend would agree that there is more going on beneath the surface than you can truly understand. Take Poppy my fellow feline house mate for example, sometimes she just sits on the stairs watching around her and occasionally glancing about to check out other areas. She's contemplating her surroundings and probably what to go and do next, (I'd know for certain if I went and asked her but she talks a lot about tuna and frankly that's just boring to dogs!).

So when I spotted this blog post citing research that's been done, showing that monkeys do indeed have internal thoughts, I was so excited my tail wouldn't stop wagging and mum thought I needed another walk!

Do Monkeys Wonder Blog Post - BBC

It's an area I am so interested in as it always seems odd that despite living in such close proximity all these years us animals still haven't found a way to communicate freely with people, and if this brings us a step closer to finding that common ground then we'd be all the better for it.


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