Snow Days

It has finally happened, we have a good coating of snow that I have spent ages playing in!

Count so far:
Number of snowballs that have hit me - 10+
Number of snowballs I have thrown - 0 (I have paws not hands)
Number of snow dogs that have been built modelled on me - 1 (a very poor representation if you ask me but Mum's done her best!)
Number of snowballs that have hit our neighbour - 8
Amount of snow I've consumed - far too much to estimate but I have brain freeze...

Think that about covers it in statisics.

The only problem now is that it looks as if the snow's melting away so paws firmly crossed that more will come tonight and then I can play more snow biting game and chase Jess. It's great having an older playmate in snow cos not only is she slower but her eyesight is not as top notch as mine which means I always win the chase games, ha!

Enjoy the snow x


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