So there's this dog on the estate where we work and he's nicknamed Squirrel Tail (incase you can't guess why, his tail looks like a Squirrels). Squirrel Tail is a macho dog, loves the estate etc but I just can't work out if he's a friend or not. For a start any dog he sees he goes mad at barking, and we're not talking nice barks here, some are just plain insults.  Now I'm no angel - unlike my ID tag says! But even I think he goes a little too far at times. I just can't work out what to do, should I stand my ground and shout back or should I ignore him? Jess, my workmate, is older and so wiser (apparently) and she thinks we should just ignore him and he'll go away but to be totally honest I reckon he's just a bit lonely and grumpy, something Jess should understand she's like that every morning!  It would be nice to be on playing terms though, maybe next time I shall try the understanding approach, watch this space.....


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