Back To Work

Well it doesn't seem two days since we finished for the hols, and already it's time to return to work. Of course I'm rather excited about this as I get to veto all the customers, annoy Jess and get lots of cuddles but Mum doesn't seem to be quite as enthusiastic, though I can't see why!
So tonight I'm getting an early night and making sure I'm fresh as a daisy for the New Year rush.

I've finally decided on some New Years Resolutions too here's the list:

- to get more walks
- to tease Jess more (and steal her toy)
- to get Mum to bake me some treats
- to train Dexter the cat to fetch me my toys
- and finally to find my missing bandana!

So I think starting tomorrow I can fulfil my second resolution pretty easily, I'll keep you posted!


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