The Rain Returns

Well here in rainy Morecambe the snow has all gone which i'm not to pleased about! No more sledging, eating snow balls and skidding gently when walking on the ice. Although I think my paws may be a little happier for it, all this salt and cold is cruel to the pads and they are a little chapped! Luckily mum has this stuff called Toffi Toes and it's a delicious (really it tastes lovely though I get told off for eating it!) paw balm which helps keep my tootsies soft and crack free. It's like I'm walking on air with it on!

Well here's the last pic of me in the snow *sigh*
As you can see I'm exercising my vocals as well as my legs!

Mum is putting up a new gallery soon for all our furry customer's winter pictures. I will make sure my picture gets the first spot though!


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