Super Squishy and Super Soft - These are THE BEST Pillows & Cute to Boot

 It wouldn't be right to have a blog called Little Fluff and not have at least one post dedicated to something that is the pure definition of super soft fluffiness (dogs aside of course!) 

So, after stumbling across these little gems (Squishmallows) after a hard day's eating and shopping in our hugely exciting mall (Park Royal for those interested) at London Drugs, I just had to share for anyone not in the know about these soft pillows of loveliness.  

"We are super soft, spongy and cute!"

Are they cute? Yes

Just chillin on the balcony... as you do

Are they squishy? Errrrm yeah! Think giant marshmallow level of squishy goodness that your face sinks into, yum. 

Here's a very rigorous squishness test for you, you're welcome! 

Are they soft? ARE THEY EVER!!!! it's the kind of soft where you just want to stroke it for the evening whilst munching on something comforting. In fact I'd go as far as to say it's the kind of soft that I want all my clothes to be made from!**

I've already warned the kids that they may have to check my room for them as I will steal them... frequently. They've now promised me one for my next Birthday instead, yippee!

Now you can get an idea of size, they're pretty big. 

Just for clarity this is not an affiliate post, I did not get one to hug first, I had to pay for them both out of my hard earned cash like everyone else, but I just really like them (I mean c'mon cute and fluffy!) and they fit my blog name so it seems a perfect match.

**If anyone has any links to fabric that I can make decent clothes out of that fit that definition then please do swing them my way, if I can live in super soft 'stroke me' (the fabric not literally me - eww) clothing all day I'll be one happy lady!!!!**


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