It's The Little Things That Make You Smile - Find Your Rainbows

 Sometimes in life things just wear you down; people's attitudes, the state of the world, the rain, the responsibility, the mundanity, family dramas, money..... in fact the list is endless and perpetual, there's always something right?! 

But amongst the debris there are these magical glimmers of beauty that just bring a shine to your day. Making you smile, reminding you that it's not all frowns and frustrations, and that people as a whole are pretty damn great.... 

If you get treats in a bag like this it'll always bring a smile. Thank you Nemesis Coffee!

...You just have to remember to look out for them!

It might be...

...a nod or a hello from a person you pass in the street. 

...a friendly exchange with the cashier at your local store. 

...a simple piece of kind acknowledgement that you are a person too, trying your best to navigate your world.

...giggles from your children as they share a joke with you.

...friendly licks from your furry companion.

...a surprise call from your best friend. 

...a spontaneous gift from a loved one.

...spotting a beautiful fresh rainbow.

...something you've made for yourself (hot chocolate I'm looking at you here!)

...a glorious sunrise... or sunset.

Ice cream on a hot day... Need I say more? Baskin Robbins

Just as there are endless lists of chaotic, day ruining things lurking in the wings, there too, luckily, are endless little nuggets of pure joy to bring us back from the spiral of negativity. They don't have to be huge, anything that raises a smile is enough I reckon. 

Timbits in the park as a treat - Yes! Tim Hortons

 Being a home educator can sometimes feel like a thankless task. No one pays you for the 'job' you do, in fact, despite its actual importance, it can feel very looked down upon compared to people with careers. Your decision can be regularly called into question (including by yourself) and you feel like you have to defend your choice to others despite it (let's be honest) having nothing to do with them. Frankly you can easily lose your identity and along with it the confidence in yourself that you are strong and capable. 

These little moments make my heart sing

I am lucky that I have a hugely supportive partner, as well as some close family and quality friends who are my cheerleaders when it comes to the choices we've made for our kids and to them I feel ever grateful that they've not only accepted the decisions we've made but actively try to understand and encourage them. 

My favourite types of day

Even so, with this support, it can still feel like an uphill struggle. That's when the other cheerleaders** step in, the home educating circle that every parent needs and deserves. These fellow educators will give you courage in your convictions when yours begins to fade; will show you how they wrestle through the doubts, will bring wisdom and advice borne from their experiences. With each interaction it will help you to soar again, and along the way, even in the bleak days, just looking out for all those small things helps keep the little light in you burning.

Glimpses of nature always make me feel grounded and more connected

Just a little personalisation on something simple makes you feel appreciated
A bright spark in what was a difficult day - Yum 

So next time you're feeling weighed down by the rain, the tireless ennui, the bickering of petty people, pause, take a breath and look around. Try to spot the glimmers of cheer around you to find some comfort in and try to remember that, if it's not great right now, there are still amazing things out there waiting to be uncovered with people that will raise you up and encourage you, bringing with them a warm glow and hopefully help to remind you that you've got this!      

Small Victory - What a fabulous name

**If anyone is finding it difficult to locate a cheerleader I'm happy to fill that spot! 


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