Our First Canada Day, Stanley Park And A Dash Of Idealism!

It's now been 6 weeks since we landed here and it's been a whirlwind to say the least.
Selling homes, temporary UK Airbnb, flying to a new country, hotel quarantine, quarantine, a new city, finding a home, moving again, finding furniture without a vehicle, a record breaking heatwave - that's the short version! Whew!!

#HotDog - Bow had a welcome shave during the brutal heatwave in Vancouver

So that brings us up to Canada Day which is experiencing a lot of controversy right now. Usually a cause for huge celebration there are calls for it to be scrapped altogether as it's seen as insensitive to display such pride for historical events given the recent discoveries of mass graves at enforced residential schools for First Nations People. So it seems we've also landed into a few tensions in the country, quite rightly centred around the prior treatment of First Nations People, which if you read into it was truly awful.
It's sad to hear of the history and treatment of the rightful owners of the land back then and more surprisingly pretty recently. It seems like every culture has some apology to make for their ancestor's behaviours, when you read of historic events it makes you wonder sometimes how we even got to the point we're at. Miss L regularly trips off facts from her Horrible Histories books about the appalling things that were done/used/created and every time it amazes me of the things that society accepted back then and sometimes that our species even managed to survive at all!  

It makes me feel very strongly that it's so important to all be looking forward; to how we can be better, not repeat mistakes, make the world a nicer happier place to exist in and make it fairer for everyone so each lucky person who gets a shot at living on this Earth actually gets an opportunity to do great things, be the best version of themselves and most importantly enjoys it. 
When you sit and think about the odds of each person even being here (a great Biology/Maths lesson for the kids BTW) it's just disappointing to think how many get such a bad ride. How can we still be making these mistakes? There's enough resources (if used appropriately) money and time floating around for each and every person to enjoy a good life but it seems to be way too complicated and much more difficult than it needs to be.... Maybe I'm being an idealist but it baffles me that people still have to fight for equality, food, shelter, opportunities and even simply to be accepted for who they are without feeling the need to justify or label it. It makes you wonder just what we're achieving and why we're not leaving the world a better place for the next lucky generations who get to have a life here. 

The stunning view from our new pad 

Anyway, idealism aside, our Canada Day (basically a day off) was spent enjoying the beauty of the natural world in the jaw dropping Stanley Park. We marvelled at the machinery of Lions Gate Bridge that we marched over to get there. The huge liners sailing beneath bringing in resources from overseas. The sheer beauty and size of the park that has retained some of its raw wilderness just a mere kilometer from a huge city. The magnificent trees that must be hundreds of years old, where you have to crane your neck to see the top they are that tall. The well thought through splash Park - free to use and a delight for the excited kids. The happy rollerbladers and cyclists. Contented people strolling peacefully; enjoying the sea view, the rose garden and connecting with the most precious resource we have - nature (slightly cliched? Maybe, but it's true!). This Earth is essential to everyone that's on it and taking the time to enjoy it, nurture it and work with it is so important for our psyche/soul/insert whatever you want to call your inner essence!! 

one of the many vast stumps in Stanley Park

So we spent our free day just enjoying the space that we inhabit right now, being thankful to be here in Canada having made it safely, finally getting settled and that we have this opportunity to explore such a diverse, beautiful place. 

Who doesn't love a tree lined pathway?


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