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I like to think of myself as a technology savvy pup but I've been a little slow on the App uptake if I'm honest. So when a fellow dog park friend mentioned My Dog Uk I had to get my mobile skills up to scratch so I could see what all the fuss was about! It turns out that My Dog Uk is a free dog profile app that has also teamed up with Petlog to create Lost Pet Alerts. Confused? Well here's a bit more info; Petlog is a really valuable online service that has the largest microchip database of pets, so if your dog, like me, enjoys a good wander every now and again you can create alerts using this website to help get them back home safely. This means a whole heap of important contacts will be alerted that your dog is where they shouldn't be and they can help keep an eye out for them.

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Petlog My Dog UK App

The My Dog Uk app contains a convenient, mobile version of this service so if you're out for a walk in unfamiliar territory and your dog decides to do a runner (on an amazing scent trail of course) you can use the app to send an immediate alert out, pretty nifty isn't it?
The only downside I can see to this is any dogs with wanderlust may get their sneaky trips cut short, so no more nipping off to find tasty tidbits. I suppose us dogs shouldn't really be doing that anyway!

The main focus of the app is on creating a profile and building a doggy network, you can store photos and important details and build up contacts, great if you have a dog looking to make new friends with like minded canines. You can even search for dog friendly places near you so if you're out for a walk and fancy a quick drink you can check to make sure the local cafe (or pub) would be happy for a furry to join you! There's also loads of information at your paw (or fingertips!) on dog care, products, and insurance etc which is really handy.

My only growl would be that a couple of the pages took a little while to load, but given that I have loads of free time and I'm sure these things are constantly being improved on I'm sure it can only get better.

These apps are suprisingly easy to get on your phone, (of course I used Mums when she wasn't looking, she really should stop leaving it lying around as I'm sure I overheard Dexter the cat plotting to order a pallet of tuna with it) and they are pretty straight forward to use. Even with my short attention span I managed to .........oooh a bird...... ahem, sorry, I mean even with my attention span I got the app downloaded and running in seconds, added a photo and a few bits and pieces of info and had a peek at local dog friendly cafes.
I've had to let Dexter in on the My Cat Uk app that will be appearing soon too, although he seemed a bit busy, muttering something about fish and tins and how many could they fit on a truck, I think he was texting someone!? It's a good idea anyway even if he's too busy being naughty to have a look.

So in a nutshell it's worth a look and if you have a bored dog at home why not let them have a play around on it, I bet they'll have a superb profile up and running by the time you've made a brew and before you know it they'll have a whole canine network set up and you'll be filling the calendar with park dates and dog parties! What more could a dog ask for?


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