Docker Park Farm - Dog Friendly Day Out

It can be a real struggle for Mum finding a family friendly day out that also allows yours truly to tag along, so when she made a quick call to our local farm she (and I too of course) was chuffed to bits to hear dogs were welcome. So off we trundled to Docker Park Farm and it was AMAZING! My canine senses were tingling all over, my nose ventured into every nook and cranny and not only was I allowed in the main farm part, but dogs are also welcomed into the cafe! The staff were really friendly and I even got a sneaky piece of very crispy bacon (thank you to the lovely lady in the cafe for that, she could obviously tell I was on my best behaviour). The food was tasty (yes I sampled a piece of the jacket potato with brie, but I left the caramelised red onion chutney for Mum) I spied it also came with home made coleslaw and fresh salad. Dad had a meaty home made burger with crispy, chunky chips, downed with a latte, delish!
Next we wandered through to the farm and I was in heaven, no doubt I will have plenty of dreams about that tonight. There were the most unbelievable smells of horses, pigs, alpacas (a llama-esque animal with soft fur, see I learnt something new today too), cows, sheep, ducks, hens, goats, donkeys and owls.

Me enjoying my day out at Docker Park Farm in Cumbria
The walk round was great and there are loads of things to keep the kids busy (always a relief as it means I get left alone!)
Apparently it was a very affordable £5.50 entrance fee for adults, but free for me so I didn't take much notice.
All in all a super day out and it means I don't get left home alone. Highly recommended and I give it a big paws up, in fact I can't wait until we go again, I think I'll go mark a day up on the calendar!


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