Dogs and Babies

So you may have noticed that I have been a little quiet over the last two months and that is because we have had a new addition to the household, and it's not one of the furry kinds!

I've had to contend with a new baby! Human babies are very odd totally different to puppies (not that I have huge experience with them), they are totally dependent for ages and are very noisy and believe me they cry quite a lot.

The whole situation was made a bit more delicate by Dexter completely freaking out resulting in an overnight stay at the vets with a catheter in. Trust a cat to overreact they are no-where near as hardy as us dogs. I'm pleased to say that he's now back to his usual annoying self, smacking me over the head whenever I get too near to his food bowl, nightmare.

So it's been a lot to adjust to and although I still get lots of cuddles it's a bit of a change to before, and all my efforts at barking to get attention isn't going down too well but then I suppose the barking wasn't a great hit before the baby either. On the plus side I'm getting plenty of walks, even if they are with a pram in tow I'm not complaining, and I got a huge chew the other night as a reward for being so good, it was nice that my patience has finally been recognised.

It's now four months in and I'm getting disturbed less at night which is a bonus and I get to clean up milk splashes on the floor and there's plenty to sniff at and new toys to steal. The only problem I'd say is that mum is going to have to start saying our names when she talks to us as I can never tell who she's directing things at, me or the baby!


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