Crufts 2012

It's that time of year again and Crufts is rapidly approaching. I'm sure there are lots of nervous dogs out there waiting for their turn in the show ring and a chance at a trophy or rosette. I sometimes have little daydreams of what it would be like to be named best in show, but unfortunately I don't think they accept Collies with under short jaws and slightly bent back legs!! Never mind, I'm sure if there's a competition for quirkiest dog (or dogs with blogs) then I might just stand a chance.

So what's on the menu at this years show? The organisers have really pulled out the stops and crammed the 4 days with a delight of trade stands, displays, demonstrations and of course the competitions themselves.

Now I'm off to get my grooming brush out and preen my paws, although I know I'll never be quite as pretty as the pooches in the ring I do like to posh myself up when I'm watching them on the TV, maybe they inspire me! I do scrub up quite well when I try but no doubt I'll end up ruining it by rolling in something dubious, oh well at least I can do that without worrying too much about my fur!

I'm all ready with my grooming box!

Don't forget to buy your tickets now from the Crufts ticket office so you can check out all the action!


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