Pet Gift Hampers - Ideal for Christmas

Well it's nearly the end of November and Christmas is upon us. The mulled wine is on the kitchen side - not that I get a taste! Christmas trees are appearing in shops and houses and amazing twinkling lights are popping up everywhere, something that always keeps me amused for hours is watching twinkling lights, they're so pretty! So it can only mean one thing here at Little Fluff..... The pet gift hampers have come out. It's not Christmas if I'm not laid  paw deep in cellophane and sticky tape whilst the amazing hampers are put together, with my approval of course.

So why not show your furry one just how loved and adored they are this Christmas with lots of hugs and a super special pet gift hamper. We have plenty to choose from for dogs and cats, and even better if there's something you really want they can build one up for you and to meet your budget. See we really are accommodating here!
And to top it all off you can be assured that every hamper has had my seal of approval (sniff test!) and I personally overlook the creation of these hampers - I may look asleep but I promise I'm not.
Every hamper is unique so make sure you bag yours today! Happy shopping.


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