New Pet Goodies

It's always exciting when new products hit the pet scene, but especially so when they stray from the normal pet toy fare and bring something a little more unusual to the table.
I'd love to get my paws on some of these and get a closer look but as they're mainly in the US I'll have to make do with the pictures instead. So here's a quick round up of the new finds:

HabitCat - by Griffith Designs.

A smart piece of furniture for cats to jump on. I can imagine Dexter loving this since his new favourite place is on top of a wardrobe. Unlike other cat furniture it actually looks like a piece of wall art so at least it blends in which I can imagine is perfect for modern homes. Personally I prefer the paw print look but I don't pay the mortgage so my opinion doesn't count...

Next up The Pet Wash

A pretty nifty way of transforming your shower into a dog friendly shower! Always a bonus. Being a dog that hates showers I'm pretty sure this will help me feel less traumatised by the whole ordeal, mainly because I won't have spray in my face every minute. 

Finally Tee Bone

A cute doggy pillow any dog would love to have it can be stuffed with a piece of your clothing to provide a familiar scent perfect for us dogs when you're away from us! 


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