Oscar the Bionic Cat

Wow, here's a new one in the world of prosthetics for animals, this poor cat Oscar, lost his back paws in a combine harvester accident, but after a very talented vet here in the UK called Noel Fitzpatrick helped him, Oscar now has two bionic paws! How amazing is that?

I can't imagine what it would be like to lose my paws but bionic ones being available to us cats and dogs is great and surely this must be a whole new level of treatment for disabled pets worldwide?
I think it's lovely to see us pets being given as much consideration medically as our owners, we are after all man's best friends and there are wheelchairs available for us so why not artificial limbs to!
I just wonder how long it will be before there is an NHS for companion animals as I can't imaging these treatments will be cheap....

Here's the video of brave little Oscar running around with his new feet and he seems to have taken to them really well, very impressive!


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