The Best Summer Toy for Hot Dogs?

It seems that summer has finally arrived, just in time for the World Cup football I believe - I'd much rather play with the ball myself but it seems popular in the human world!
So whilst all the owners are happy and the sun is shining it got me pondering on what truly is the best summer toy, especially for a hot dog. I don't know about other dogs out there but I love to sunbathe, I do tend to sit out until I realise maybe I am a bit warmer than is comfortable, so I figured the best toy should also cool a dog down.
When I started thinking about this I worked my way through the usual toys; chuckit ball launcher (great for chasing), my new Kong American Air football (a nice tie in with the football!) and the huge variations of tennis balls and then I had it.
The best summer dog toy is not only enjoyable for the whole family, great exercise and fun but it also keeps us dogs cool when the temperatures soar.
So what is this magical dog toy....... it is the humble Kid's paddling pool! Yep that's right, perhaps not really intended for canine use I promise you any dog that likes water will love this on a hot summers day, and if there are children in the house too it's perfect for sharing, where else can you find a dog toy and kid's toy in one?
So next time you fill the paddling pool for the younger family memebers don't forget to let your furry friend have a dip, they'll love you for it I promise!

Here's a little video of me enjoying my very own paddling pool, luckily I don't have to share it with anyone so can splash about to my hearts content, the only problem is I tend to get distracted by the neighbouring dogs but I get paddling eventually!


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