Tina and Chandi from Britains Got Talent 2010

I was happily snoozing away after my tea on Saturday when I was rudely shaken awake by Mum so I could watch this act (Tina and Chandi) on Britain's Got Talent. A lady called Tina was doing a doggy dancing scene with her lovely dog called Chandi, now I was already starry eyed by the blue merle coat but the dancing was brilliant! What an act! I'm rooting for them to go all the way. I just hope there are more doggy acts on the show for me to enjoy.
The only problem I have now is Mum has got it in her mind that we should have a go this summer (although there were some snorts of laughter so maybe they realise I won't pay any attention...)

Enjoy the talent that is Chandi the dancing dog.


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