Summer is here

Finally the summer has kicked off in style and I'm re-discovering the garden again! After months of rain and snow there are a million different smells to inhale and lots of patches for me to roll in (despite being shouted at for this but most of the time mum can't see me!).
So far I have been round and said my 'hello's' to the neighbouring pack and I have finally met my rival at the back fence, he's actually a very dishy looking Dachshund which was a suprise as I swear from his bark I had thought Labrador.
After talking to the others it seems dogs the street over are enjoying being back out in their gardens, ridding them of territory stealing cats, birds and other wildlife who have taken over during winter.
I've discovered 3 new digging patches and a strange dog bone which has mysteriously appeared, goodness knows where from, I'm not complaining though!
So all I can say is bring on the hot weather so I can spend all weekend out in the garden helping mum dig holes for plants, making sure birds know it's my garden, not theirs and rolling in earthworms and bird poo (a delicate aroma, honest!).
Paws crossed that this year will be warm enough to get out my doggy paddling pool and mum can get some videos of me splashing around and cooling off after a hard day on garden patrol!

Until then, enjoy the sun.


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