A Dog's Guide to Destruction - for Canine eyes only!

Now I'm not one for praising chewing but now and again (with the right materials I might add) I think it does a dog good to create some destruction, so for the purposes of pawing an interesting blog post here is my tried and tested method to make some mess (to keep this quick loading this is a condensed version, the full extremely informed article will be on littlefluff.co.uk soon):

Find something soft, fluffy, and kind to the mouth area. It should preferably be a belonging of your mum or dad - there's just no sense in destroying your own property now is there?

For this experiment I chose this fluffy pink scarf, your object doesn't have to be pink but it does look fancy in pieces!

Next shake vigorously from side to side, tearing pieces with your teeth and generally giving it a good rag around. It is preferable to make loud grunting noises whilst doing this so you can let all those around you know that it's hard work and challenging!

Finally sit back, tired yet satisfied and survey the carnage around you. Now it's best to drag the pieces bit by bit to wherever your parents are to show them how tough you've been, if they start looking teary eyed it's only because they are so proud at how well you are doing in your 'hobbies' so enjoy the attention!

So there you have it an easy way to pass 10-15 minutes, don't forget when you're done to nose Little Fluff on your parents computer so they can buy you lots of lovely pressies to focus your attention on in practice for your next destruction session!

Till next time x


  1. I (Finn) found this very amusing but surprisingly, my Mum and Dad thought that the dressing gown cord should have remained in one piece. I think that I did a great job and the dressing gown looks nice either hanging loose or with a different coloured cord around it. Thanks for the blog and keep 'em coming!


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