Crufts 2010 - A New Category

I was so disappointed at not being invited to Crufts this year, apparently mum wasn't allowed to take me as I'm not classed as a show dog! I did get a bit of info on the show though and mum showed me the pictures, and I must admit there are some very pretty dogs there.
I particularly liked the Kooikerhondje and the Azawakh, the Azawakh had a beautiful sit which I've been trying to copy all week.
I think congratulations are in order to Yogi the Vizsla who won best in show and I've read he is to be retired after this so what a way to go out!
I just wish there was a category for me to be in, mum has suggested I should be entered in to a 'Lesser Spotted Wingnut' category, but if it means I get to go next year and parade round the ring then I'll agree with that, even if she is joking!


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