Pack Theory, Fact or Fiction?

As a lot of dog owners will know there has been loads of debate over the dominance theory recently, with many 'pack rules' being seen as outdated and misunderstood. Now personally I can see where they're coming from, for a start I race out of doorways mainly because I want to go and bark at the dog at the bottom of the garden; y'know, see how his day has gone, let him know I live here etc etc. I also race out of the doorway at work (I can even open it myself with my paw!!) to see when our neighbours put their shutters down so I can tell mum.

I get my food first thing in a morning and first thing in the evening and occasionally get a few scraps after they've eaten and sometimes if I'm really good (and don't smell) then I'm allowed a quick snooze on the sofa [see pic left]. Now even though I get all these privileges I'm pretty sure I'm not dominant, for a start I don't have to work, pay bills, and I don't get to decide when I get fed/let out/walked etc. I also have a tendancy to roll on my back if voices are raised for any reason (normally at Dexter for clawing the carpet).
So can't see how all that theory works, also to complicate things even more I'm a domestic dog not a wolf so do I even have a pack?
Anyway I stumbled across this article on Dogsey which really made me laugh, I can't imagine a world where dogs rule.........hmmmm, though I do like the idea of having a revolving leather chair!


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