All Kez Wants For Christmas is Food!

In the words of Mariah Carey "all I want for Christmas is food", ahem well that's what I think the words should be! That's it the big day is nearly upon us which can only mean one thing lots of wrapping paper to play with and treats to munch on. I'm keeping my paws crossed this year for a selection box, I know mum has already sold the gobbles turkey toy that I had my eye on so this will definitely be the next best thing.
So whilst everyone fills up on turkey and chocolate I'll have my own doggy friendly chocs and gnaw choos to munch on.
Oh which reminds me don't forget that no matter how much we beg and look sad your chocolate really doesn't do us any good and yes it will be tasty for a minute but trust me the problems later are not worth it! It probably won't stop me drooling when the After Eights come out but sticking to our doggy chocolate is much safer.


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