Marley & Me

I finally got to watch the much talked about Marley & Me, well to be honest I only watched the bits where the dog barked and that’s only because it woke me up! I always have to defend my home from dogs on the TV as they might try and steal my toys. It’s great really, as soon as I hear a bark, whimper or see a flash of fur I run over with my hackles up and start crying to let mum know there’s an intruder then pace up and down doing my ‘I’m hard’ whine/growl/semi-bark until they disappear. They’re all a bunch of wimps really as they never come back, ha!
Anyway mum really seemed to enjoy the film and I got lots of cuddles at the end for some reason (yes I was a little bit asleep, I think I dribbled a bit too) but any film that ends with me getting attention is a good thing, mum should watch more of them.


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