Venturing Down The Path Less Travelled


Already on our path less travelled

I have always been a rule follower but at the same time I have a rebel spirit and always like to choose the path less travelled (well, as long as it's legal). My flighty nature helps and I'm curious about the world but, maybe a little embarrassingly, only in a shallow way. I like quick, succinct bite size chunks of information and then I like to move on to the next interesting thing. I think 'discovering' is my passion. I constantly like to sniff out new things; food, places, TV shows, music, stuff... you get the idea.

So what is the point of this post? 

Just to say, do it! Go for the path less travelled; it's interesting, will often throw up lots of things you'd never thought of before (not always great things by the way but different things all the same). It will challenge you in a way you didn't think of and so for that reason means you can only grow and become stronger as a person, and also will ensure that you have lots of interesting things to talk about - just don't get too in depth!

I never thought I'd be able to home educate my kids and here I am, is it hard? Yes, is it satisfying? Sometimes, is it challenging? Constantly, would I change it? No!

Now it's the same with moving to Canada, it's been one of the biggest challenges for me. We hit one blockade after another and to be honest it got exhausting at points, part of me wanted to crash my way through and part of me wondered if life was trying to say something like 'you've strayed off the less travelled path completely turn back and try another way.' We got there though and I'm certainly stronger for it in many ways, and it made an interesting story.  

Question is which way do I take now? that's the problem with taking the path less travelled, the ways are much less obvious and it can be hard to make a decision let alone take the leap. 

Sometimes all you can do is let the choices marinate, grab a mug of hot chocolate and curl up with a good book instead and let the ideas flow.... 

A couple of reads from our UK Airbnb that were inspiring 


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