Quick 'n' Easy Cheat Smores - (Hint With digestives!)

The kids decided today that we should make some smores and lucky for us we had a packet of digestives just lounging around at the back of the cupboard, perfect for the job. A quick improvisation later and we had some yummy, sweet, gooey and probably highly calorific but tasty treats.

There were 5 here but they went so fast I could only capture this lone one! 

If you or your kids would like to recreate our smores it's super easy!


Digestive biscuits - (Biscuits are biscuits right, I reckon any would work so I say grab those rich teas/hobnobs/oreos and run with it!)

Mini marshmallows - (We prefer pink and white mix for no other reason than it's cuter.)

Square of chocolate - (Any you have loitering in your cupboards, dark, buttons, artisan, you could mix flavours. We used Asda's extra special Coconut and rum.)


Grab a biscuit for the base and pop on as many mini mallows as will fit, then carefully top with your square of chosen chocolate, pop in the microwave for 15-20 seconds (dependent on your microwave power, ours is 900w and 15 seconds was plenty) take out, pop on a biscuit lid and you're good to munch. Enjoy!


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