A Visit to Hayes Fairy and Dragon World

Hooray the schools have gone back after Easter so we can start venturing out again. Honestly when you get so used to the quiet of venues during term time it's like some form of torture having to visit during the holidays.

Now the schools are back we excitedly booked in for the Fairy and Dragon World at Hayes garden centre in Ambleside. Having visited the last two events they have put on (fairy and Santa) we were pretty excited to see this one and expectations were high. The verdict? I have to say I think this one was their best yet.

JJ the knight and Miss L the unicorn
For those not in the know a small part of the centre is transformed into a sensory, twinkling wonderland that awakens the wonder in every young child and even the parents! 
Think lots of twinkling fairy lights, atmospheric fog, sensual sounds and running water not to mention so many things to see that it's guaranteed you'll probably miss a load of it!

The little ones get to choose this year whether they are a dragon slaying knight or a unicorn and they select the appropriate head wear (Miss L was less enthusiastic about wearing her horn but JJ loved his helmet).

Then you enter and the fun begins, Expect 30mins of ooohing and ahhhing and getting way too excited over fairy ornaments than you ever thought possible!

One of the clues
A mini activity

I don't want to give too much away for those intending on visiting as half the fun is in the unexpected, but honestly my photos don't even begin to do it justice and I won't let on too much as to the content of crafts, goodies and the trail etc.....
Fairy flower trees, pretty in pink
Watch out it's a dragon!
One thing that really stands out so far is the thought that has clearly gone into this year on year and this year's has definitely been my favourite so far; the format of arriving at your time slot and wandering through at your own pace made it feel more relaxed and the meandering path was perfect for our little ones.

A little quiz and trail help keep the amusement going, I think all kids love a good spot the XXX (insert anything really) and the mini craft makes at the end were a lovely addition.

Unicorn horn hoopla

We felt that it's great value for money too as not only do you get entry, plus crafts, plus the experience but you also get a little lunch box full of lovely nibbles, a mini prize for completing a task and a goodie bag which the kids loved, all for a mere £10 per child (adults £2 each). For the effort that's gone into it and all the little surprises it leaves the feeling that it's a reasonable price tag.

Needless to say we also came away with a, very well priced, professional photo on a magnet, really who can resist??

Suffice to say it was a great afternoon out and we'll be hugely looking forward to whatever they come up with next. JJ has already been asking to go back so it just shows how well it's captured the kids' imagination!

If you're close by or on a visit to the Lakes, book in and visit I don't think you'll be disappointed!


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