Our First Mini Agility Competition

Well we had a splendid Sunday at our local agility club's fun dog competition. Despite freezing weather (as if it's really Spring!?) we had a great time practising our jumping, wait common (still ropey at best) and tunnels and well, as you can see, we didn't do too badly at all for our first attempt.

 A 1st in the jumping despite technically being eliminated due to a jump back (where a dog jumps back over the same jump they've just gone over incorrectly) but luckily being pre-comp eliminations don't happen at this stage - phew!  Then a 2nd place in the agility run which we were so pleased with as it was our first go at a more complicated course in one go.  Bella loved it and just wanted to keep going, it's great to see her enjoying it as much as I am.


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