A New Direction (and a new addition!)

So, it's been a while and it's with a sad, droopy tail that I have to announce the closure of Little Fluff Pet Supplies. After family additions (some furry some not) and increased online competition my product testing days are *sniff* over.
It's been a great ride, but I too am entering the Golden Age at the ripe old age of 13 this year, so it is with excitement that I get to share my twilight years with my new partner in crime Bella.

This is Bella at 8 weeks.

Bella is a Yorkshire Terrier, Toy Poodle X or Yorkie-Poo (in some circles I've been told using the term Yorkie-Poo is frowned upon, why I don't know as technically this is exactly what she is). Anyway Bella has just turned 1 now, she is studying Agility and is currently on the beginner's level and she is as friendly as they get.
We've bonded so well, we snuggle up at night, play great tug games during the day and chase birds out of the garden together, and sometimes we also get to cosy up on our special sofa cover in the lounge of an evening, life's grand.

So the Little Fluff blog and name will live on for now, even if its future path is still a little hazy, so I look forward to sharing the reins with our new little fluffball Bella who will no doubt love writing some articles on her agility adventure.


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