Modkat The Best Cat Litter Tray?

I think we've cracked it, after all this time searching Mum has found an awesome new litter tray for the Very Important Felines of the house. The Modkat. It's a chic, sleek and glossy top entry, enclosed box so very little litter gets strewn around the house (great for me I get fed up when I find it in my paws!) It comes with an inner tarp liner which I've heard is easy to clean (Mum marvels and swears a lot less when it comes to changing time so it must be easier.) The cats love it even Poppy who is ultra fussy and Dexter can stick his big head out of the opening when he wees which means he doesn't end up hitting the side like he used to with all the others. Plus as a bonus the lack of seams running around the sides of the tray means no urine can seep out of the edges, a major problem from before, and as all cat owners know cat wee can be a little bit eye watering at times. On a negative note (for me anyway) I can't get my big head in there to sample any nuggets but apparently this is an extra bonus for Mum, they spoil all my fun darn it!

Here's a cheeky pic of the new addition....

Fits in well with the modern home don't you think?
Honestly it's well worth the money (and it is a hefty price tag) but it's durable, clean, tracks way less litter and if you have a useless cat like ours who can't wee downwards it's a sanity saver! Best pet buy we've made all year according to the house sources (and that's just the cats!) Thank goodness they're happy, I'd be hearing about it non stop if they weren't.....


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