I must have this breed in me?

After scrolling through some amazing underwater pictures of my fellow canine swimming enthusaiasts, I had a quick peek at the normal dog gallery too and found this brilliant portrait:
Little Friends photo gallery

It's from Little Friends Photo gallery and I think it could be a related family member, from somewhere along the tree anyway.
There are also some stunning shots from dogs underwater, showing just how much effort we put in when we're swimming, especially if we're after a ball or stick.

These photos are truly beautiful, and now I've found this pup I feel like making it my mission to find my double, so expect plenty more pictures up in my quest.... Does yout dog have a double? I'd love to know there may be some truth in this. I mean they say every human has a double, well so I've heard, so why not every dog too?


  1. Ooo I duno, I think Kes looks cuter, fluffier :) Just right for, well, Little Flutff :)


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