The Weird Nyan Cat

O.K. so I'm a half technology savvy pooch and I enjoy a good viral video as much as the next dog, especially when it has pictures of my fellow canines and felines doing funny things! There's something great about starting my (very busy) day with a feel good video of a dog sleep walking or cats with funny walks etc but I really can't get into this new Nyan Cat thing.

If you've not seen it yet it's a funny cat with a pop tart body (don't ask as there are no answers why) that's flying through space and has an odd song playing in the background, which to my untrained ears does sound a little like a cat meowing. The aim of it is to see how long you can stand being on the page and then you can share your score with friends - some things in a human world I don't think I'll ever get.

What I can't understand is how this is getting so many hits all over the world and yet my (clearly hilarious) dog in a bucket video posted up on You Tube by mum has hardly the same coverage?
Maybe if I turn myself into a cartoon dog with a pop tart body it will have the same effect? Hmmm don't think it will somehow, maybe I'm destined not to be a famous dog after all.....

Here's the link to the Nyan Cat if you have a spare few minutes and want to see what all the fuss is about, and if you have another two spare minutes here is my dog in a bucket video - please like it and make me famous too!!


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