I should have been a Mediterranean Dog

So first of all I hope you all had a wonderful Easter break and are looking forward to the next long weekend? I certainly am! I got to spend all of mine taking quick walks to and from the local shop, chasing bees and wasps in the garden, barking at all the neighbouring dogs and winding them up and hiding from next door's scary electronic wheely thing (a kid's toy apparently but I don't believe that). A fantastic weekend for any outdoor loving dog. I must admit though I could get used to this lovely weather, at the slightest hint of sun I always find the heat patch and settle myself down for a good, long kip. Mum thinks I should have been a Mediterranean dog, as I tend to sit in the sun for so long that my fur is red hot by the time I move to find a shady spot, and even that takes me a while. There's nothing better than sunning yourself for an hour or so and then finding a cool place to pant it out.

The question is, are there any other dogs out there that do the same thing or is it just me?


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