Why Do Dogs Like To Roll?

It's an age old question, why do dogs roll in smelly things? I've decided to cover this topic now, given that I've just come in from being doused in Lush Puppi shampoo to remove a gorgeous scent of Eau De'Fox Poop. I feel it's perfect timing to discuss this event in more detail.
I'm sure you humans know that a dog's sense of smell is so much more refined than your own and that we can detect a wealth of information from a single smell source but owners still seem to miss the point of us covering ourselves in these delicate aromas. Sure you think that fox poop is disgusting, but that's because you're not really smelling the information! A small piece of this substance provides us with an in-depth view of the animal it came from and by covering our fur in it we can then rush to show you the exciting news. Unfortunately all you do is moan, grab a sponge and bucket of water and drag us outside to remove this delight, replacing it instead with citrus pongs and wild flower essence - there's no story in those smells what's a flower ever done?
So now that I'm sat shivering with my fur crimped on the edges, something it only does when I've had a soaking, and generally feeling sorry for myself I thought it was about time you understood that when you're washing your dog of these smells you're ruining their day!

  So next time your faithful friend bounds over with a look of pure joy on their face to show you their amazing find don't drag them to the bath, indulge in this doggy smell heaven and allow them at least 10 minutes before slathering them in your stinky flowery scents.

Now I think I will spend my afternoon sulking and then I will try and think of a way shampoo manufacturers can create a wash that appeals to both dogs and their owners, maybe I can pitch it to Little Fluff!

Watch this space!


  1. Dear Kez - I know just what you mean!! I spend weeks getting my coat to that lovely 'only your Mother could love you' stage only to be dragged off to the bathroom - by the way, they find it a little more difficult now that they only have a shower - one of them has to get in with me!! Hehehe you should see them run as I prepare to shake!! Carry on rolling :-) Finn xx


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