Eau De Dog – Embrace the Sweaty Dog Smell!

I know dog perfumes are all the rage, and I can understand that sometimes when us dogs get a little wet we can produce a less than pleasant aroma (and don’t even get mum started on the scent when I find something tasty to roll in, in my opinion she’s just making a scene!)
I can’t help but think though, that owners are missing out on a treat, I like to call it Eau De Dog. Mum first opened my eyes to this phenomenon when, after a particular cosy morning curled up in a ball in my bed, a waft of my sweaty paws caught her attention. When I rose for a quick check of the room to make sure all was well and no biscuits had amazingly appeared on the floor, I was given a huge cuddle and then stood puzzled as my feet were smelled. Apparently the aroma of my sweaty pads are very pleasant to the human nose and so now when I curl up tight and sweat my little socks off, mum enjoys Eau De Dog rather than Glade Cinnamon burst.

It’s all a little odd to me, I suppose that is a little daft coming from a dog that rolls in dead things and sniffs other dog’s behinds for info, but humans always seem to be so picky about smells that finding a dog’s sweaty paw likeable is surprising.

Anyway my new commercial idea for Little Fluff is bottled Eau De Dog spray for pot pourri and burners, scented Eau De Dog candles and a special Glade plug in limited edition scent, I’m sure these will fly off the shelves, hmmm, unless you’re not a dog lover that is or you are lucky enough to already have a walking sweaty pawed pooch of your own….


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