Fun New Xmas Video Using Mirror Method Dog Training

O.K. So I admit it's been a while since my last post. The dark nights have come in, it's raining all the time and let's face it, it's cold!
Last week I managed to drag  myself out of my cosy bed just in time to see this fab video, and grab a sneaky chew.
Based in Hungary apparently, these trainers use a new method called 'mirror method' which is a positive training regime using clickers and looking at how our owner is also behaving (about time I say, half the problems are caused by owners not us!)
Anyway their hard work has paid off and they have come up with this great Christmas tree video, now I know that if required I could do this no problem, but to be quite honest why would I spend my time decorating a tree when I could curl up on the sofa and snooze to my hearts content?
Some would say that's lazy but I think it's common sense.
So here's the 'doggy Christmas surprise' video to get you into the spirit and maybe inspire you to let your own pooch decorate the tree this year!


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