Hot Spots and Hot Itches - How to Cope?

One good thing about Summer coming to a close is that my skin is finally getting a rest from those pesky hot spots! I've spent the last 3 weeks in scratch hell, it doesn't help with my undershort jaw as it makes things really difficult to reach. If you don't know what a hot spot is think of an itch that's always niggling and whenever you try to scratch it you can't quite reach. It's highly annoying and has made me really cranky - even Dexter the cat has been avoiding me!

Mum has been trying all kinds of tricks to stop me scratching she says it's to make me more comfortable but secretly I think it's so I will stop leaving big tufts of fur on the carpet, I'm suprised I haven't gone bald in places.

First she took me in the sea, well kind of, really it was the mini boating/crab pool as the sea had gone out by the time we got there - she's not heard of checking the sea times honestly I despair. I had to sneak in quietly and try not to splash all the kids or disturb the crabs which is hard when you want to have a good swim.

Then she lathered me in anti-beastie shampoo which although smells lovely meant I had to have a bath which I hate, I of course showed my displeasure by running up the garden and hiding in the bush until I was dragged back to the bucket, strange how she always knows where I am I wonder if my tail gives me away?

Finally she sprayed my hot spots with an itchin' for relief spray this was the nicest one it really reached the spot and as a bonus it's another item tried and tested for work - the things I must do.

All in all though this threefold method seems to have done the trick as the itching is less severe and I don't feel the need to scratch as often which is a relief for me and, as it turns out, for the carpet too.


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