The Final Bank Holiday

I've been so lazy recently and haven't written here as much as I should, so with it being the last bank holiday of the year I thought it was only right that I put paw to keypad and put up an entry.
I hope everyone has had as good a weekend as me, it's been glorious weather for a change and it's a welcome relief from the rain that has persisted for the last two months - where has summer gone?
It's a little worrying now though that the last bank holiday signals the move into Autumn, which on one paw is good; nice walks in the leaves, Halloween and a build up to Christmas where I get to open lots of tasty treats, but on the other it means no more dozing in the sun, walks in green flower filled fields, swimming in the sea and worst of all bonfire night is on the horizon!
I know it's inevitable but I just love the heat and fun of the summer, everyone smiles more, I get more attention and even the pesky hot spots on  my back can't dampen the mood.
So today when I got a walk I made the most of it and had a good old roll in the long, cool grass it was bliss and it seems all the other dogs I chatted to along the way had the same idea.

So it may be getting towards the end of summer but there's plenty of things to look forward to and anyway it won't be that long before next years summer comes back around and I'll be back in that field again rolling in the grass - I can't wait!


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