What to Buy A Dog Lover?

So it's an important date and you've left it to the last minute to find a present what do you do? I'm pretty lucky really that in the dog world we don't yet buy presents for each other - I won't even share half my chew so chances are if I were to buy a present I'd end up keeping it myself! I know from listening to mum though that some people are really difficult to buy for and nice presents can be hard to find so when this landed in my mail (yep a dog that gets mail we really are in the modern age!) I just had to put it up, of course I am biased being a dog, but I can imagine any dog lover would love a present like this (unless they're not fond of flowers but surely that's just being awkward?).

So here's my find of the week - flower pups. Gorgeous scented flowers made into a puppy bouquet. How cute and pretty unusual.


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